A Month of Madness

Well… here we go again! 

The first of November means a flurry of excitement and nervousness for many writers and bloggers. 

It’s that time again. 

National Novel Writing Month.

National Blog Posting Month (the original).

National Nonstop (art)Journaling Month…

The list goes on!

So I thought I’d better wish good luck to those taking part, particularly in NaNoWriMo! 50k words in one month sounds like torture to me!

Instead, I’m going to combine doing my arting, NaNoJouMo, with blogging every day, NaBloPoMo. 

That way, if nothing else, I can show you some doodling or art that I’ve done that day.

Two birds, one stone – right? 

So here’s my first doodle:

I still can’t believe it’s November already!

Here’s to a busy one with far too many posts in my reader to actually read!

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