A week of Project 366 in one go…

TheBoyandMe's 366 Linky

Because I’ve been full of this stupid fluey-cold-thing and Max has been off all week with the same.

Oh, and it’s minus the one that only went on instagram on Jan 31st, which I can’t be bothered trying to find right now…

bumpeez 32/366

Zack is obsessed with Bumpeez right now… however they seem to now be sold out everywhere in Crieff! So we’re back to him getting a magazine at the weekend if he’s been good (i.e. got smiley faces monday-friday on our calendar).

Stairway to heaven... aka bed. 33/366

The view I both love, hate, and cower at: 

Love it when I’m sleepy and I get to go to my bed.

Hate it when I’m enjoying a late one and know I *have* to go to bed.

Cower at when I stand stock-still, to listen out and see if Max is really asleep.

sparrow 34/366

There’s a story behind this… 

So this fluey cold I’ve had for TWO weeks now seems to have its perks. Namely I can’t seem to stop myself from cleaning. 

I even cleaned my window… inside AND out. 

So I could take photos of the birds that like to lunch here.



blackbird 35/366

Do you have ANY idea how bloody difficult it is to take a decent photo of these damn birds?? 


I’ve given up now. 

Still, I got two cute photos.

And my window is now clean…


Favourite place 36/366

I’ve been finding Max here more and more lately… seems that this is one of his favourite places to get some peace and quiet to watch his iPad movies in peace…



Crashing the party

Of course, when his big brother is around, that peace and quiet is rare to come by! Zack insisted on joining in… and who am I to say no, eh? 

So! That’s been our week in pictures. 

I’ve even managed to… 

get on top of the laundry pile!!!!! 

That NEVER happens!

So… what have you been up to this week? 



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