Another Week in Pictures…

The boys were good as gold on the train to their dad's. And now I'm freeeeee till Thursday!! :D 44/366

Monday was the start of the February break for my two. We braved the train to take them up to their dad’s for a few days. I can’t complain – Max had woken at about 3am that morning, so he was knackered enough to sleep most of the journey, and Zack was a star. As always!

Max has this thing about train stations, though. He hates them. He wants to be *on* the train, but not waiting for it, and definitely not getting off of it! 

Needless to say his dad and nan heard him well before they saw him!

The haul from Hobbycraft... (I have to say- thank you Dad!! xxx) 45/366

Tuesday meant a jaunt to Hobbycraft with my mum and dad. Well, Dad was the chauffeur, among other things, while Mum and I got to ooh and ahh at everything around the place! I’ve never been in such a large place dedicated to art and crafting – it was bliss!

I actually got to read on my own iPad while the boys were away! 46/366

Wednesday saw a completely lazy day for me. I woke up of my own accord, at around half 9, and stayed in bed reading for an hour. Enjoyed a gorgeous lonnnnng shower, without the accompaning interruptions that usually occur when Zack ABSOLUTELY MUST tell me something STRAIGHT AWAY and open the door to the bathroom which lets all the heat out and freezes me. So that was just lovely! 

Gorgeous weather to go pick up the boys in- it was 12C!! 47/366

By Thurday I was looking forward to picking up my boys. 

It turns out that now they’re sleeping well? It’s a lot easier to be able to deal with them, even if one of us is having an off day!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and matched my mood! 🙂

Playing with lettering... 48/366

Friday was a staying in day, as the boys (namely Max) were recovering from their much enjoyed (by Zack, at least!) trip “Up North”, as we call it. 

Plus I had a tesco delivery due in the afternoon!

So I did some more doodling. Lettering. Letter… doodling? Either way, I’m loving Joanne Sharpe’s Letter Love course, and have just started Rhomany’s Whimsical Words course too. Yay! 

Silhouettes engrossed in a game. <3 49/366

Ahhh the Saturday morning lie in… I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to have one that’s uninterrupted. 

Mind you, they’d set up the netbook with some games that Max was giggling at while Zack played, so it wasn’t too bad!

Oh! And I almost forgot last Sunday’s photo:


Yes, that is a cat on my head. He's purring like a pneumatic drill too! >_< 43/366

My lil Rocky Cat likes to sleep on my head. No idea why! 

It’s a rubbish photo, technically, but it may end up being the last photo I have of my not-so-wee friend, as he’s been missing since Thursday night. 

SO unlike him. He’s always – and I mean *always* – at the back door, first thing, mewing to get in, desperate to get fed. I can never get anything done until he’s fed, as he’ll do his damnest to trip me up and get in my way!

The fact that he’s been away two mornings now is, really quite worrying. 

Here’s hoping the wee bugger’s just gone walkabout, or befriended a little old lady who’s feeding him up and not the worst-case-scenarios that are going through my head. 

Way to end on a high note, eh? 😉 

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