Autism Awareness: Who I’m Doing This For

Max 5 years 5 months

Look at that gorgeous boy of mine.

Aren’t I lucky?

This little guy here, he’s the reason I write about autism.

Because that’s part of who he is.

And I want the best life for my little man.

So by writing these posts of mine, on this little blog of mine, I can raise awareness so more people can understand this little man if mine.

And if maybe they can be that little less judgemental, that little bit more accepting, then it’s all been worth while.

Because he’s worth it, just like any other child is.

He has the human right to be accepted for who he is.

And who he is, is firmly entwined with autism.

Always has been, always will be.

And that doesn’t make him less. It just makes him different.

In fact, if anything, it makes him more.

Everyone this little guy meets, he touches.

Every single person who reads this blog, these posts, sees these photos of this happy, cheeky little man, they all take away a wee something.

Even if it’s just a little snippet of our lives.

And it’s not just our lives, it’s the lives of many families who live with autism.

And every family has the right to feel accepted, to not have to defend their children’s actions, or be the butt of jokes, or on the receiving end of those “must be bad parents” glares.

Not just ours.



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