Day 7: Random Vlog from Zack!

Ohhh the adorableness! <3 

I was looking through my Photobooth photos and videos, and found this little bit of cuteness from Zack, done in January of this year. 

Total geek in training!

Obviously, Zack is my first work of art. One that I’ve helped to shape over these last six years… by far one of my two (Max as well, naturally!) biggest and best accomplishments!

I realised that I tend to blog a lot more about Max than I do about Zack, and I guess that’s normal in a way. His difficulties (and triumphs) are at the forefront of my mind, much of the time. 

But that doesn’t mean that my young man Zack isn’t also there.

Every day he shows me how much more independent he’s becoming. 

When he’s excited about something he’s done, it’s all “that was totally awesome, man! Eh Mum??”

Though he still does call me Mummy occasionally, that’s mostly gone from his vocab though.

He says by when we get to the bottom of the road so he can walk run the rest of the way to school. With a stop to chat to the lollipop man on the way, of course. He’s a right chatterbox – just like his mum. 🙂

It wouldn’t even occur to him to *not* go into school as that’s where all his friends are, and he adores it so much.

He’s become much calmer since eradicating the Wii from his gaming… I refuse to have one more broken tv!!

He’s also a very empathetic, and caring little boy. Beyond his years, really.

I guess that’s what having a little brother on the spectrum, and being the son of a single mum does?

Last week (or the week before?), when I was suffering the most horrendous migraine, he led Max out of my room first thing, so that “you can get some more rest, Mum.”, and then later on in the day, as I was laying on the sofa attempting to have a wee doze while the boys were watching Spongebob, he brought over the blanket and put it round me, and started gently stroking my cheeks. 

Honestly, it was the best feeling ever. 

My wee man Zack isn’t such a wee man anymore sometimes, but he’ll always be my baby boy.

I’m so lucky to have such beautiful and sweet boys. 

How did I get so lucky??


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