Dear God Will You Just SLEEP??

skies at night 2nd dec

I was sitting at my mac, catching up geeking out on my tumblr account, when I looked up and saw this gorgeous light on the clouds outside my window.

For the first time in ages, my first thought was “ooh, get the camera out!!”

It went back to a dark grey within about 5 minutes.

So pretty!

Hope everyone’s having a good weekend.

We’re having a quiet one.

Zack had taekwondo earlier and is at a birthday party now.

Max and I went to the shops to pick up some bits and pieces (ie junk food… we were all out!) and he’s now upstairs being very… oh. Feckadoodle.

He’s very quiet…

Please don’t let him have fallen asleep!


Give me a mo…

*runs upstairs to check*

Phew! He’s awake.

He found my hidden iPad… (ack!)

but he’s awake.

See last night he decided to wake up around 2am.

And stay awake till about 5am.

So I brought him downstairs so at least Zack would get some sleep.

Max played on my phone,

I played on my mac.

It actually worked out quite well.

Except he is so NOT going for a sleep today cause I’ll be damned if he’s gonna keep me up that late AGAIN.

Did I mention that the night before he decided it was time to wake us all up for the day at 3am?



This is the general look on my face when he’s awake when he should be asleep:

go the f*ck to sleep!

Are you seeing how AWAKE he is?

Did you notice my “oh my god I’m tired and GET THE F TO SLEEP LIL DUDE LIKE NOWWWW” look on my face?

Did you?




Oh… and now he’s decided to eat cereal for his snack.



Here’s to Mondays! >_<

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