Even little ones worry about being Good Enough. 6/366

drawing 6/366

Zack gets very frustrated when he’s drawing, or colouring in. 

That it’s not exactly as it looks, and he’s made a mistake, and it looks different to how what he’s copying looks like. 

It makes him want to give up, and pack things away. 

Ohhh how well I remember those thoughts!

I remember them SO so well. 

Sitting with my mum (the artist… the really, really *good* artist, with years, nae, decades (sorry Mum!) of experience over me) when I was little, drawing or painting. I’d look up from my masterpiece to see something so effortlessly beautiful made by her hands. 

There’s no WAY I’ll ever be that good! 

I’d get upset, and want to stop. 

Mum never pushed the issue, but did encourage me never to give up!

So I didn’t. 

And I became pretty good for a kid!

Now, when people see the few drawings I’ve done recently, they are amazed I’ve done them myself. 

Same with my photos. 

I guess history really does repeat itself. 

I’ve taken to not doing anything too intricate or fancy while my boy is around. 

Because I know just how pig headed stubborn he can be about digging his heels in. 

And I’d hate for him to stop drawing and colouring in just because of me. 

I’m trying to explain to him that nobody starts out amazing at something from the get go. 

It takes time, and lots (LOTS!!) of practice, of doing things you’re not happy with, before you get to that point where you finally *are* happy with the outcome of what you’ve done. 

Be that art, writing, photography, skateboarding. 

Whatever it is, it takes hard work and dedication to get to that point. 

I think he’s starting to figure that out now. 

If he puts in the dedication to his art that he does with his gaming, he’ll be an amazing artist one day… 

Absolutely amazing!

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