Fun in the Sun

Fun on the #trampoline <3

We’ve now been in our new home for just over 2 weeks.

Everything is unpacked (except for that one box…), the boys have settled unimaginably well, and even the pets seem more contented here.

The biggest wow-factor has most definitely been how well Max has settled.

He didn’t even wake the first night here!

He’s just taken to it all like a duck to water – part of me is still waiting for the ball to drop, but I don’t think it’s going to now.

So we’ve been making the most of our new home with the start of our summer holidays.

Fun in the sun for the boys, particularly since their new trampoline arrived at the weekend!

Oh, and I may have an actual real boyfriend now too…

Things are on the up and up here at chez Softthistle!



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