Happy Birthday Max

Max's fav birthday pressie... Jigsaws!

I can’t believe that’s you four already! 

After yesterday’s jaunt to the local A&E (thank you wheezing and asthma!) I wasn’t sure you’d be up to much today, but you proved your mama wrong, and I’m so glad!

It’s taken till this birthday for you to really have any sort of idea that it was a day *just* for you. 

You actually ripped open your presents!

You looked at your cards, before putting them on the mantlepiece where you saw me put the others!

You even managed to do the jigsaws we got you first time around without having looked at the pictures, or needing any help. Something I hadn’t realised you could do so well! Keep on surprising me, I love it! 

The birthday cake that Aunty Tammy made you was delicious, and there’s even some left for tomorrow, AND some for Granny and Grandpa.

You tried to figure out how to blow the candles out, but Wee Max (Aunty Tammy’s Max, who’s 3) did most of it for you – he was such a good help, wasn’t he? 

In fact, other than looking tired and a bit pale by the end of the day, you really seemed to enjoy yourself!

Happy Birthday my little Maxi-boy! 

You are so loved, and you’re starting to realise that now, aren’t you? 

My beautiful baby boy.

I love you xxx

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