Happy Gamer Max 15/366

happy gamer boy 15/366

My happy lil Max is in love with the headset I put on the iPad so he could listen to music while playing games on my iPad without it driving me to distraction!

That’s my boy!

Sundays are usually a day for a walk if the weather is nice enough, but it’s absolutely freezing out there today, so instead we’re having a gaming day.

I remember the freezing air affecting my asthma when I had it bad as a youngster, so I don’t want to risk the same with Max.

The wee man has been playing The Sims on the iPad.

Zack has been playing a combination of Sonic Generations on the Xbox, and Angry Birds.

Me? I’ve been playing SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic, for the uninitiated. It’s an online game. AWESOOOOOME).





On a SUNDAY!!!

This is UNHEARD of!!!

I didn’t have to get up until he started jumping around on my bed at half past 9 this morning!

My expression when I realised the time this morning was very much like Max’s up there. 

Only with a slightly more just-woken-up look to it. 


Time to go back to playing SWTOR. 

Or maybe Skyrim.

I haven’t had an arrow to the knee for a while…


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