Haughty Rocky 3/366

Rocky 3/366

I love it when Rocky gives me this look. 

It’s usually when I either do something stupid, or say something that could be interpreted as being mean (in a loving way… *cough*) about his lack of manly cat-ness for a big tough looking guy. 

Honestly, I’m sure he understands what I’m saying.

Oh and the LOOKS he gives me if I’ve had a few drinks!

If cats could roll their eyes…

You can really tell in this one – he thinks knows he’s superior in every way. 

Complete disdain for the one who feeds him.

Thing is… 

I know that he’s really a cuddly sook. 

Who has the most pathetic attempt at a meaow that has ever been known. 


It’s like he starts out going to meaow, then gets scared, and stops. 

Hilarious to listen to. 

I laugh, of course.

Then I get this look. 

Every. Single. Time. 

Wonder why…? 😉 

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