How on earth can it be 2012 already?? 1/366


No, really. 


Doesn’t seem that long ago since I was deciding on my “word of the year” (that would be create, and I think I did pretty well all in all!), insisting that THIS WILL BE THE YEAR MAX TALKS (it was!!!!!), and freaking out about the horrible ice that nearly took Max and I to A&E (thank you whoever was looking out for us that day!). 

But it is, and I just want to get on with it!

I’ve decided on a new “word of the year” for 2012. 


I need to learn to focus on what needs to be done.

Not to mention focussing on the things that I’d like to do. I have a terrible tendency to hop around from one thing to another. Awful attention span you see. 

This will be the year that Zack turns 7, goes into primary 3, and turns into a proper boy instead of a lil one. I see it starting already. He’s really very mature for his age, and oh so thoughtful. I’m so lucky to have him as my sidekick when it comes to family life! Did I mention that he completed his Sonic Generations game in 2 days? TWO DAYS. Boy is a genius, I’m telling you!

Speaking of sidekicks… Max has become my wee shadow! He follows me nearly everywhere, and if he wants to go somewhere else, he won’t leave unless he can pull me to go with him! This will be the year that Max enters FULL TIME education at the nursery. 

We’re starting with Monday to Thursday 9am till 2.30pm for the first two weeks (for now, Fridays will be a half day, finishing at 1.30pm), and then we’ll start bumping up the time until he’s in nursery till 3.15pm – the end of the day. 

This will also be the year I can actually have a proper conversation with my lil Max. I can just tell! 

Since we said goodbye to Alfie, Max’s energy levels have sky-rocketed, and it’s like there’s been an explosion of understanding and attempting to communicate. Now that this floodgate has opened, there’s no way it’ll close again – I’m sure of it! I even managed to get Max to say “Mewwee Issmass” on Christmas day! 

He’s TALKING people!! TALKING!

Back to, well… you know… ME… 

There’s a lot of talk of doing Project 365’s again, beginning of the year and that. 

I don’t know if I’ll manage it, but I’ll put myself down for it for now. This one counts as the first, but most will probably be on my iphone!

Must get back to picking up my camera more. I’m going to try to make myself go for a photowalk once a week while the kids are at school. 

Also, I will learn to blog more regularly… back to focussing more there. See why I decided on that one? Considering I’ve been ranked in the Tots100’s top 100 blogs of 2011, and I fully intend to get to this year’s MADs awards, I really need to pull my socks up, don’t I? 

Speaking of socks… my first goal of the year? 

Get on top of that insanely massive pile of laundry that’s taking over my bedroom. 

This may take a while… 

If I don’t tweet for more than 18 hours, call in the emergency services!! 

All in all? 2011 was a good year for us. 

A nice, relatively relaxing, boring and predictable year. 

Here’s to 2012 being just as good! 😉

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