Introducing Kenzi the Yorkie Pup!

So, last week I went with my friend who was picking up her new Yorkie baby girl, Angel, and I ended up getting Kenzi! 

She’s the most adorable lil thing, such a character, little and cute and adorable… but most importantly, she doesn’t shed! 

Max hasn’t had any breathing problems so far, and is quite happy to put up with her in his space. 

Zack adores her and she him…

and of course I am completely in love!

She’s settled in so well and knows who her mummy is. 

Baby pink is *totally* her colour, naturally!

I’m going to have to get some cute wee jumpers for her, after all… the weather up here can be so changeable and cold! Mum… you’ve been warned!!

She’s 8 weeks old today, and due her second injection on friday. So after the weekend it’s walkies here we come! 

So… hello from Kenzi! 

Hope you’re all having a good Easter holiday so far!

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