Is that? No… it can’t be. It is. It’s a SUNNY DAY!! 5/366

Meeting the horses 5/366

I woke up this morning, after a horrible night with not much sleep and a Wide! Awake! Max from 2am-4.30am, and I actually thought I saw SUNLIGHT peeping through my blinds.

Turns out – it was!!

Which had me so excited I got dizzy and had to sit down again after getting out of bed so quickly to look!

Did I mention I was woken by a solid lump of a 4 year old Max using me as a diving board for my bed? No? 

Well… he’s definitely better from whatever it was that was wrong with him (fever, grumpy, tired, not his usual self, basically).

So, we’re finally ALL feeling well, and more than a bit stir crazy from staring at the same walls every day. 

Not that any of us actually stare at walls – that would be strange. 

No, I prefer to attempt to lie down for a snooze and stare at the ceiling. Much more interesting. 

ANYWAY, the furthest we’ve ventured since the schools were out (that was the TWENTY THIRD of December, mind!) was the shops which are like a 20 minute round trip to walk. That’s including actually *doing* the shopping, by the way. 

So we (ok, I… the boys are too young to decide these things! *cough*) decided to go up The Knock, to have a bit of a picnic (what do you mean pop tarts don’t count?? The boys loved them!) and head back down. 

Really it was to get us all the hell out of the house and somewhere that would tire everyone out!

Well, we met some gorgeous, friendly (i.e. scavenging for food type) horses on our way, who followed us as far as their paddock would allow. 

Zack was smitten with this one, as he was with us. He was the one who must have got the whiff of the last crumbs of pop tart as we were giving him pats and scratches behind the ears. 

[Note to self: You’ve now found your horses to go and cuddle when you want to, yay!!]

We had a good long walk. It’s gorgeous up there. 

Max had a great time and the only time he got upset was when we had to go home. 

If we’d stayed any longer I’d have ended up carrying him home. You should have seen the state of his feet! Caked with muck! He really seemed to enjoy the way it felt – all squelchy underneath his boots. That was pretty awesome to see. I wasn’t sure how he’d take to it!

So, all in all? A good first attempt at a longer walk for my boys and me. It was an hour and a half by the time we got back home. All of us rosy cheeked and sooo glad to get into the warmth of the house, cosy up with a drink and some chocolates, and watching Rio. The new favourite movie in our house!

Oh, and look at the gorgeous view we had when we were nearly back on the highstreet:


Home time 5/366

Other than being cropped, I haven’t done anything to this one either – not bad for being taken with an iPhone! 


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