Like Mother, Like Son… 4/366

Zack 4/366

Zack is at that age (six and a half) where the *only* photo I’m allowed to take of him are silly ones…

I think he’s learning The Pose pretty well, don’t you? 

My not so little guy is growing up, and with that, comes having to be more careful with what I post about him. 

Seems I’m not immune to having to be selective about my blogging either. 

Mind you, I figured that one out a few years ago now, but I didn’t think I’d have to be so careful about what I write about Zack already. 

Things I am allowed to tell you:

Zack is “awesoooooommmmmmee!!”.

Did you know, Zack got Sonic Generations at Christmas, and he completed it two days later? Well, he did. He’s 6 and a half. Did I mention that? Genius boy when it comes to gaming, I’m telling you!

Zack is hoping to get a 3DS for his birthday this year, which is in July. He will be 7, you know. A BIG boy!

Zack doesn’t want to go back to school. He wants to “stay at home and play video games and eat junk food, but not too much junk food, because it’s not good for you, and you need to keep healthy you know”. 

Zack has the coolest dance moves. Even better than Got To Dance. 

(edited to add: I was forced to write that one. I actually told him that they’re better than him. He was *outraged* that I could possibly say that he wasn’t better. But he wasn’t, and I’m not going to lie to him about things like that!)

So… we’re I’m counting down the days till the boys go back to school and nursery… on Monday. The 9th. Yes, that’s right. Not for another 5 sleeps. 

Zack may be enjoying the holidays you see, but Max most definitely is NOT. 

It’s too long, there’s too many things to play with, not enough structure to the days, and the weather’s been so horrible that we’ve been pretty much stuck inside since the New Year. 

When I say the weather’s been horrible, I mean we’ve had torrential rains, and hurricane force (literally) gales to enjoy since Tuesday. Did I mention the RED warnings from the met office? 

Oh the joys of living in Scotland! 

I bet you anything the weather will start clearing up nicely on Monday. 

Which would be nice, as it means I can go on a photowalk. 

One of my “not resolutions, GOALS” is to attempt to go on a photowalk once a week – at least while the kids are in school. 

And at the weekends I’m going to attmept to take the kids up The Knock in nice weather for a wee picnic, and to get them used to walking more. Well, Max anyway. Zack’s a good walker, though he whines a bit. 

Anyway, eventually the idea is that once the summer comes around, the boys will be used to walking further, and up the hills around here, so I can take my camera with me, and we can still enjoy our gorgeous country. 

Rain or shine. 

That’s the idea at least. 


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