I love feeling motivated.
I feel great when I know I got shit done.

I just wish I could buy it in bulk, cause apparently I only have a small amount of it to eek out on any given day.


So today when I should be totally on the ball and looking forward to writing my blog post?

I simply cannot be bothered.

But if I don’t write this post, then I’ll not bother with the rest of #BEDM (blog every day in May), and I probably won’t bother blogging for at least a week.

So here it is…

My motivational blog post.

When really I feel like Max looks in that photo: sleepy and a little bored.

You’ve gotta write at least a little every day though, right?

Even if it’s a bit crap.

Everyone has their off days…

When it comes to blogging, mine tend to be during that time of the month when quite frankly I’d rather be hiding under my duvet with a massive bar of chocolate.

Ooh and yay, it’s the weekend!

Now where did I hide that chocolate…?

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