Movement is Happiness

One of the things I consider very freeing for Max as a person living with autism is just how free he is with his emotions.
There’s no worrying about what people might think, about getting into trouble, or embarrassing himself.

His actions are, in essence, pure emotion.

If he’s angry or frustrated – you can bet I’ll know all about it. He’ll shout and grump and pretend he’s going to hit me, while following through with barely anything more than a very soft “punch” that he knows won’t actually hurt.

On the flip side, when Max is happy, it’s infectious!

You know, I can always tell when he is genuinely happy as he doesn’t stay still.

He giggles and flaps his hands, shakes his little butt and dances around when he’s happy.

He runs full pelt around the house, laughing, smiling, pretending to be a monster chasing his big brother, roaring all the way.

He never sits still when he’s happy.

It’s one of many things I love about him.

So when I saw the latest advert Movement is Happiness from Coca Cola, I nodded along, knowing just how true that is.

When he wakes at night – which isn’t often these days, but does still happen maybe once a week or so, he is full of such happiness that when he comes into my bed he literally can’t keep still! Wriggling and giggling, laughing and bouncing.

I can’t possibly be mad at him when he’s like that!

I guess that’s the up side of being so well rested these days – I can take the odd night waking in my stride and enjoy that time with my little man, just us two.

So yes, for my little Max movement really is happiness.

How do you and your children express yours?

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