My Wee Shadow… 13/366

Shadows 13/366

He really has become my wee shadow lately. 

Max, that is. 

He actually wants me to be close to him. 

Not just next to him, but touching. 

When he comes into my bed in the morning (or in the middle of the night, as it has been lately, argh!), he HAS to make sure his body is touching me. 

It used to be he wouldn’t want me near him like that. 

He’ll reach out for me to tickle him, or hold his hand. 

Instead of shying away like he used to. 

He’s even started taking my hand, and leading me up to my bed in the middle of the day, just so he’ll be able to snuggle up with me while he chills out watching movies on my iPad!

Very LOUD movies, that absolutely HAVE to be on the highest volume or THE WORLD WILL END don’t you know??? I think it’s just his way of ensuring I don’t fall asleep, but anyway… 

He’s also started wanting to play with Zack more. 

It’s a whole new side to him, we’re seeing. 

He suddenly *wants* to join in!

He *wants* to be a part of the fun.

He *wants* to be cuddled and tickled and has even started coming up to me to initiate Nosey Nosey Kiss!

It’s a new chapter in his life these days, 

and luckily? It seems that he’s desperate for us to be a part of it!

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