Not well, getting better… maybe not… wait! Maybe…?

unwell max 27/366

When I picked him up from nursery on Friday, Max had had a Very Bad Afternoon.

He wasn’t himself and generally was looking very tired and not his usual happy wee self.

Cue the coldy/sinusy thing I’ve had this week (THANK you for that, Tammy!! And… possibly Zack. *cough*) being passed on to the wee man.

So Saturday was a relatively quiet one.

Duude, I'm having a bath! 28/366 #project366

Zack went to taekwondo, I spent the entire time cleaning like a woman possessed.

God knows where it came from!

I am now on top of the laundry, and the fronts of the washing machine and dishwasher look wonderfully clean!

growing up zack 29/366

Ok, honestly, Sunday was an even quieter day.

I figured out that my netbook wasn’t broken, it’s just that someone (I’m blaming Max, here) had switched the “wireless” button to off.

So once I’d realised that, I left Zack to play on Kizi, Max pottered in and out of the kitchen and living room with his precious iPad.

Asking “I wohhh” and pointing to milk, crisps, biscuits… peanut butter.

And occasionally just coming over to climb up on my lap and have a snuggle.

He’s been pretty quiet over the weekend, taking himself up to bed, and a snot-fest had gathered by Sunday night.

So it was off nursery today.

Again with the barely noticing his existence in the morning, as he wanted to just stay in my bed with the iPad, youtube videos of Mortal Kombat (urgh), and his blankie.

After a snooze though… he’s *much* chirpier.

feeling better 30/366

Can’t quite say the same for me, mind. Yay for sudafed… just sayin’.


When did my Zack grow to be such a BOY??? Not a wee lad anymore… you should have seen the photo of him with the hoodie up. 


Still, he comes over for cuddles a lot too. 😉



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