Oh hai there!

Bonding moment... <3
It’s not that I’ve not had ideas to blog about the last couple of months, because I have.

Or cute moments to tell you about the kids (and pets!), because I have.

Or rants about things that would be awesome debates (or horrible arguements), because I have (immunisations, DLA/PIP vs autism, abortion time limits to name a few).

And it’s not that I’ve not had new toys to play with, because I have (iPhone 5, baby… yeah!).

It’s just that I’ve been kind of doing that thing where I pull back from everything that I usually do to keep me busy.

I’ve stripped back to the basic things that I find enjoyable. The kids, family, friends, and yes, I’ll admit it, gaming too.

It’s rather nice to just veg at the end of the day and watch tv, or catch up with friends on facebook.

So it’s a bit dusty here, and I guess I should tidy up the place a bit, right?

Especially since yesterday was this blog’s 3rd birthday.

Something I totally forgot about! In fact, if you go back into the archives of the first couple of months from this blog you may find some juicy gossip about my past. Just sayin’!

But the thing is, my house has been being decorated, and I don’t actually have a kitchen table to speak of as it’s so covered in, well, stuff.

And since the kids are going to their dad’s on friday (ha, that should read, I’m *taking* them to their dad’s… cause it’s only fair that I do half the travelling for him to see his children. The ones he left, right? *cough* moving swiftly on…), it’s girls night on Saturday, which means I want the place to be looking good.

So I’m just gonna leave this here for now, in the hopes that posting something is better than not at all, and hope that I actually do get back into the groove of it all soon.

Once I’ve got my place back to normal, and danced and laughed my butt off this weekend.

And maybe once Zack and Max are back at school as they’re on their October break at the moment.

Have I mentioned that I don’t get to go on my precious Mac at *all* now unless Max isn’t here or is asleep?


That’s fun!


I’m still reading, ok, speed-reading blogs to try to keep up with the Joneses, at least a wee bit.

I’m still around.

Still breathing.

Still loving my gorgeous boys, and my family. Both those who are blood related and those who have found their way into my heart by being the best friends I could have asked for.

Just, taking it easy, rolling with the punches (that would be Max going through a phase right??), and trying to remember to be grateful for what I have.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. October 10, 2012 / 2:54 am

    Happy blogaversary and good to see you write again.Sometimes life does just take over and we need to kick back, do less and savour the moments. Go with the flow!
    …and have a FAB night out on Saturday!

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