Plugins I’ve activated.

After getting so many comments on my first post (thanks y’all!), I figured I should update you on the plugins that I’ve added to the site over the last 12 hours, so here’s a list, in the order I installed them.

  1. FD Feedburner Plugin. The first thing you should always set up on a new blog, a feed. I like using Feedburner, and this way I don’t need to add any extra buttons as this plugin redirects the site’s main feed to Feedburner.
  2. Akismet. Who doesn’t love akismet, right? No spammers here so far! Except maybe Dech
  3. Stats. Who doesn’t like to see how popular they are? I love this stats plugin, gives me at-a-glance info as soon as I’m on my Dashboard.
  4. Sociable. Share the love people! Nuff said.
  5. Contact Form 7 and Really Simple Captcha. Great lil combo for my contact page, and very easy to set up. Just the way I like it. 😉
  6. CommentLuv. I like to see what you guys have been up to, and a lil link-love always helps the blogosphere to go round, don’t you think?
  7. Bad Behavior. I’m not entirely sure what it does (stops spambots access the php version of the site so I’m told), but there’s a nice lil ticker in my footer telling me it’s already blocked attempts at whatever it is that it stops. (FYI – you’re spellin it WRONG! Behaviour – get it right!).
  8. Ultimate Google Analytics. Nice easy lil plugin that adds the analytics code to my site. Gotta love looking at stats, right?
  9. Edit Comments. Does what it says on the tin, I hope. Let me know how it goes – can you edit your comments after writing them now (DECH!)?
  10. TweetMeme. I’ve seen this on a few sites and kept meaning to try it out. Yay for re-tweets! Thanks to Valdesta for the reminder on this one.
  11. Twitter Tools. No site is complete without my inane twitterings. I mean really, of course you want to know when I have my milk and cookies. Right?
  12. Thesis OpenHook. Awesome for adding hooks to my thesis theme. Not that I’ve added anything to it yet, but I will. Watch this space!

And that’s what I’ve done today. Makes me feel all productive. LOL

I’d forgotten about all the maintenance we go through when setting up a blog. It’s been almost 2 years and this time around I actually have half a clue as to what I’m doing. That’s gotta be something, right?

What should I do next? *ponders* Maybe funk up the sidebar a bit, add some links, or tell you about my jaunt into learning a few choice words in Dutch?

Give me ideas people!

Oh… and have a great day! 🙂

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