Reasons to be Cheerful

autumn forest in Scotland

1. I’m love love loving my photography again. I’d forgotten just how much I enjoyed taking photos until about two months ago. It’s taken a while to get back in the swing of it, but I’m getting there. 🙂
black and white boy exploring
2. This boy, oh this boy… he’s not had the best week, but today he seems to have turned the corner and has been in the best mood since getting home from school today! I’ve had cuddles and kisses and tickles and jokes played. And he went to bed happily too!
horse chestnut conker
3. Conkers! One of my favourite memories of autumn is collecting conkers. One I really wanted to share with my boys. It was a great afternoon with friends and family. Just as it should be. <3
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  1. October 11, 2014 / 7:52 pm

    Beautiful pictures! I just love the black and white shot 🙂

    • Marylin
      October 11, 2014 / 9:26 pm

      Thanks Karen! I love it too, just wish I’d been able to have the time to get the wee branch out of the way first. >_<

    • Marylin
      October 11, 2014 / 9:26 pm

      Ohh thank you sweety! <3 xx

  2. October 12, 2014 / 12:27 am

    LOVE that black and white shot of your boy, stunning!My boys aren’t fans of the great outdoors, so we haven’t found any conkers yet.

    Thanks for joining in xx

    • Marylin
      October 12, 2014 / 3:46 pm

      Thanks lovely! Mine have only really started to enjoy being outdoors in the last year – relief! 🙂 They’re straight back on the computers when they get home mind, lol! x

  3. October 13, 2014 / 6:04 pm

    What a great talent you have – superb images.There is something very magical about the whole conker collecting thing and many of my best memories of my late mum are of this special season, her favourite and mine

    • Marylin
      October 14, 2014 / 10:56 am

      Thanks so much sweety!I have so many fantastic memories of conker hunting with my mum and dad. I’m so glad you do too. x

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