Review: Tefal ActiFry

When I was contacted by the lovely Rebecca who asked if I would like to be sent one of Tefal’s ActiFry fryers, I was over the moon and eagerly accepted!

I mean, who wouldn’t? I love proper home made chips, but they’re just not the same if you attempt to oven bake them.

A few days later, I was woken by the sharp knock at the door. On a Saturday morning. I always seem to get deliveries on a Saturday morning… it’s just cruelty really, but as I knew what it was, I didn’t mind getting up for it!

The ActiFry boasts that you really can make the best chips with only a tablespoonful of oil, and oh my. Oh MY! They are not wrong!

That’s not all it can do though…

With my precious came a handy recipe book with various ideas on what to make using her (yes she has a name. Her name is Precious. Yes really. Leave me alone, I name my gadgets ok!).

Anything from the regular chips, roast potatoes (OH MY LORD they are perfect!!), to perfectly cooked chicken drumsticks, and sausages. Even CURRIES!

Oh yes, you heard me right… CURRIES!

It also has a good bit of information about how to cook using different oils. I went out to buy some olive oil, walnut oil, and rapeseed oil to make the most of my new baby. There are so many more different types of oil, and all are good for different things.

Did you know that using half veggie oil and half walnut oil makes your chips taste *so* much better than just using one or the other? Or that you can make your own chicken nuggets, but the best way to fry them is in rapeseed oil? It gives them a more, well, nuggetty taste.

Not to mention how using different kinds of potatoes are better for particular types of potatoey goodness, from Maris Pipers for your regular chips, to King Edwards for roasts. OK, so most of you probably know that already, but I don’t, and I liked that the book laid it all out on the table for me, so to speak!

Now, you guys must know by my twitter stream, I’m not much of a chef. I don’t have the energy, or know how to do more than the basics.

Well, ok that’s a lie. I do have the know how. I just don’t see the point in making my awesome stir fries or fajita’s when I know I’ll be the only one eating it.

Precious though, she’s so easy to use. AND she can cook things to perfection that even *Max* will eat!

First, I made some chicken drummers with a basic salt n pepper seasoning, followed up by

I barely got to have any of it as the boys hoovered them down their wee gullets. They were *good*. Even MAX! Max… ate… a chicken drumstick. He took it right off my plate, and started scoffing. And then proceeded to eat as much as he could from my plate!

Then, the next night, I waited till the boys went to bed and made myself some chips. I added some paprika to the oils I used, and waited the 30 minutes it took for them to cook to perfection. Then… mmm. MMMMMM! They’re good!

I made the Christmas dinner roasts with Precious, and boy did she deliver! Perfectly crisp on the outside, and light and fluffy on the inside. I don’t think I’ve ever made roasts from scratch before (hi Auntie Bessie… I do love you, but… Precious is better!), but now I don’t think I’ll ever use her any other way.

I’ve made chicken nuggets from scratch. Again, they were wolfed down by the boys.

I’ve even used it to cook our sausages while making a nice mash to go with them. MUCH easier than frying them in a pan, and as we don’t have a grill, that’s the only other option.

Oh but I haven’t even told you the best bit about Precious.

She’s SO easy to clean.

I mean, all right, I admit it, I have a dishwasher, but the parts are easy to take off, and I’m not stuck trying to figure out how to fit all the pieces in as well as my regular dishes. A definite plus for me.

Even if I didn’t have a dishwasher though, she’d still be my favourite appliance.

I may even have stroked her absent-mindedly after putting her back together after cleaning her.


So… yeah… annnyway.

As far as kitchen appliances go, I’d say the Tefal ActiFry is definitely one worth getting. If you’re lucky, you could still catch it in the sales in a fair few places, including Argos and Amazon.

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