Safe Place… 19/366

pretteh box 19/366

My mum got me this gorgeous wee box for Christmas.

I saw it in the window of my absolute favourite little shop, and squee’d at it. 

I never really needed boxes for anything till I started wearing jewelery again.

You see, when I had post natal depression, I kind of lost myself for a while.

And I lost that interest in taking care of anything that was mine. 

Or even keeping a hold of them.

That included some of the most gorgeous bracelets, earrings and pendants. 

Some that my Gran made.

Things I’ll never be able to get back. 

So now that I’m back on my even keel, steady and generally more myself than I’ve been since pre-kids, I’ve gone back to wanting to wear pretty things. 

To indulge myself once in a while to something fanciful. 

Like a gorgeous bracelet,

or a cute wee ring.

Because it turns out I really *am* worth it. 

Just like you. 

Who knew, eh?


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