Sensory Seeking A-Go-Go! 63/366

How to stop Meltdown Mode... let Max hang upside down from my lap. Sensory fix anyone? 63/366 #project366 #autism

So I’ve not really spoken much about Max’s development recently. 

In fact, I’ve barely mentioned it in the last few months. 

I guess that’s because things have kind of got onto an even (ish) keel here, so I’ve not had as much to talk about? 

Now let me just point out, that being on an even keel doesn’t mean life is permanently rosy, it’s just that Max is, mostly, pretty good. 

The meltdowns are shorter, and it’s usually easier to distract him before he gets to The Point of No Return. 


Unless it’s something that I can’t back down from. 

He still hates the word “no” with a passion. 

“Later” isn’t much better… as far as he’s concerned, he wants something, and he wants it NOW. 

It doesn’t matter how often I say “no”, or try to change his focus to something else… he’s a determined little b… erm… boy… when he wants to be!

Not that he could possibly get the stubbornness gene from me. *cough* 

The thing is, the meltdowns? They’ve become shorter (in general), but much more violent. 

He’s a danger to himself.

And to those of us around him.

But mostly, he takes his anger and frustration out on himself.

He punches himself in the head, chin, thighs.

He throws himself at furniture. 

He hits and kicks out. 

It’s not nice to see him like that.

I think part of it is sensory seeking. 

The ferociousness of his selfharm. 

It’s like he’s trying to block out everything else through big sensory input, but instead, he’s hurting himself, which he doesn’t enjoy, so it’s a never ending cycle. 

There are some things that work though. 

Like applying deep pressure to his head.

Rubbing his back really hard.

And his favourite: laying him down over my lap on his back, and letting him hang upside down off it. Like in the picture up there.

His speech is… hmm, I’d say it’s not really come on to be honest. 

He’ll say, “I wohh” (I want) off his own back, whenever he wants anything (funnily enough!), but he won’t say what it is. Or say ANYTHING else for that matter, unless he’s prompted. 

He can say “bye bye”, “hiya”, “please” etc, but won’t bother unless he’s prompted. 

And he only says the very basic version of the word, with no consonants, in general. 

He’s mostly started sleeping through the night again now he’s back at nursery.

There are still the days when he wakes at 3am for the day though. 

And most mornings he’ll wake anywhere between 4.30am-6.30am. 

At least I’ve finally got into the habit of going to bed by about 10pm again now, otherwise I wouldn’t be coping that well!

Still, it’s better than him waking every night at 2.30am for the day! THAT was a nightmare, I can tell you!

So, in general? Things aren’t amazing, but they’re not horrible either. 

In regards to Max’s autism at least.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get him to stop trying to harm himself, pleeease let me know! 

Hope you’re all having a good weekend!




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