So, it’s been a while…

Though if you’re a long time reader (are you still there? You deserve a medal or at least a massive thank you!) you’ll know that I do tend to go AWOL at times. 

I guess I need the break to get back onto the bloggidy bandwagon.

I’m not sure if I’m ready to start writing again more regularly yet, mind. 

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster of sleepless nights, colds, more sleepless nights, and more colds since back in April.

By the time I’ve got the kids in bed, all I want to do is flop into my butt groove on the sofa with Kenzi and watch tv till bedtime. 

Criminal Minds has become a favourite, since they started it from the beginning on one of the Sky channels… I’m up to season 3 so far and it’s pretty awesome!

I’d normally have written blogs during the day while the boys are at school and nursery, but if I’m not being sociable (who knew you could have Actual Friends outside the computer?!) with my friends, I’m going back to bed to catch up on sleep, so yeah… no blogging has been done of late.

The laundry is nearly caught up, but I’m doing bare minimum.

The thought of nearly 8 weeks of Summer Holidays is terrifying. 

Max never copes well with holidays, as I saw full on at Easter. 

No sleep equals a Very Difficult Max. 


On the upside, Zack is in the midst of joining the Young Carers project in Perth, which he’s really looking forward to. 

One night a week after school till 7.30pm he’ll get to go have fun, meet new kids, run off his energy, and generally be a regular lil boy who doesn’t need to worry about helping out Mum with his lil brother. 

I forget sometimes, how young he still is. 

He may be nearly 7 (6 weeks… eeek!), but he acts so much more intuitively than that. He’s so expressive, empathetic, helpful… you know he actually decided that doing the dishwasher was his job and has stuck to it? 

Not to mention coaxing Max downstairs at 6am on the weekends to play xbox with him so his mama can catch up on a bit of sleep. Something that doesn’t happen when I’ve been getting enough sleep, but at the moment that’s not happening as much as either of us would like. 


I’ve barely picked up my camera in the last 3 months.

It’s actually been gathering dust.

Or at least, the bag has. There had better not be dust on my camera, though it’d be just my luck!

I miss it, but I don’t miss lugging it around, you know?

It’s just so much easier to whip out my phone, and it can take some pretty good photos, so long as the lighting is right…


I keep wondering, what am I going to do with my life?

What do I want to be when I grow up?

All the people I know online who are happy with their work… I don’t know how they do it without being completely exhausted.

I guess I’d love to get that “one million dollar idea”, but I know that’s hardly likely.

I got to be in the nursery on thursday morning for an hour to see how the speech therapist worked with Max, and it reminded me of how much I love working with little ones, but I have such low energy levels, I don’t think I’d cope with being on my feet (and knees) all day.


Oh but the things Max knows!!!

He can use his PECS book to make “I want” sentences, asking not just for the colour of the object, but whether he wants the big one or the little one, and even put all the colours down at once, asking for all the cars, instead of just one at a time! 

He slept through for 5 days last week, which made a big difference. Unfortunately it hasn’t lasted.

His wee face while he was doing his “work time” with the PECS… oh he looked SO pleased that he could show me what he could do – I had to fight back the tears! 


I have been reading blog posts, but through a reader, facebook or on my phone, and occasionally popping into twitter. Always on facebook, of course. 

The one place where I have everybody in one place. 

My internet friends, and my in-the-flesh friends. 

Definitely makes life easier to have it all in the one place!


I guess this post is kind of a mish mash of things that have been happening, and things I’ve been pondering lately. 

One of those where I’m thinking I should come up with something to round up with, but can’t really put anything together.

So instead, I hope you’re all healthy and happy! 

I’m just going to keep on treading water for now, trying to look at the positives, and hope that Max will sleep through regularly again soon.

I think a black out blind is definitely needed asap!


(yes, even you… Sally!)

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