Sometimes you just need some time out! 22/366

Spent my evening here playing games... <3 22/366 #project366

So last night, once the boys were tucked up in bed? That’s exactly what I did! 

I spent my entire evening immersed in a story about dragons and people with magical powers who were oppressed and need me to help them.

In other words…

I gamed my little heart out! (Dragon Age 2, if you’re interested!)

It was great fun. 

I think it’s something I may need to do once a week. 

I don’t often spend long on games, though I love to play them. 

There’s too much else to be done! 

I took the above photo last night, just before going to bed.

And this one was taken while typing this out…


The wee bugger who broke my keyboard. With said keyboard. >_< 23/366

This would be my now broken (and replaced… dear god, me not having a keyboard is like having my arms cut off!!) keyboard, with the culprit. 

The little bugger saw Zack’s milk this morning and decided that the best way to have a drink would be to knock it all over the damned keyboard. 

I didn’t realise this until about 3 hours later, when I attempted to log into my mac and got something along the lines of “asdlisudfvbnsdmf -[w90845290whnef vksj h” instead of an 8 character password. 

Goddamn cat!


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