The beginning of the end: Chapter 1

His eyes stared into his pint glass, empty, but full of anguish. He had to tell her. Either that or she was going to find out anyway. That’s what it had all been about after all, and she had no idea. She would never forgive him.

His voice broke as he spoke softly in the pub they’d sat in, telling her what he had tried to bury to that box in the depths of his mind for the last year.

Her face began to contort from the usual easy-going smile she had.


Had she misheard him?

Anger. Hurt. Her heart… breaking.

Someone was shrieking “why? WHY?? How could you do this to me?”

He looked up to see it was her.

She’ll never forgive me, he thought. I’m going to lose her, lose my baby boy. Lose everything.

At that point her friend came back in from having her fag. She’d only been gone two minutes. Just two minutes and our lives had changed forever.

“Get me out of her” she said to S. She needed to get out of there. Tears streamed down her face as she gathered up her bag and coat to leave.

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