There and back again

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So my boys have been to their dad’s, and are back again already!

The weekend was so quick, it felt like I’d barely started to be able to unwind before they were back.

But I’m glad they’re home nonetheless.

I get my snuggles from my boys, Max slept through last night, and today we took advantage of the rain easing up to go for a walk in the woods, with Kenzi in tow of course.

Up rather a big hill.

One that has been a bit much for my achy legs so it seems!

So I guess I’m gonna have to do that more often, right?

It was a good weekend, though I had to cut my night out short as I had a migraine. Yay (that was a sarcastic yay, fyi)!

I got to sleep a lot, got my hair done, and play games on my Mac. So all in all? I’d say that’s a pretty good weekend!

I realised what I enjoy the most about the boys being away.

Or maybe I should re-word that to Max being away.

I don’t have to walk on eggshells in the evenings when he’s away because I’m terrified I’ll wake him up.

I don’t have that constant anxiety in the back of my mind worrying about whether he’ll sleep through or keep me up for hours on end.

It’s the only time I’m truly able to relax.

When I know I’m going to get a full night’s sleep.

Not something that happens often.

Ah the life of the mother of a 5 year old who has sleep patterns like a newborn.

It’s draining I’ll tell ya!

But for now, I’m feeling well rested, and I’m happy to have my boys back where they belong, with their mama.

Max is trying to talk more and more. Ok so it’s all echolalia (that’s straight copying-without-knowing-what-anything-means), but it’s a huge step in the right direction! AND he understands a lot more of what I’m saying, and has started really getting involved with wanting to play turn-based games and such with Zack as well as me!

Zack is, as always, a joy to be with.

I’m not saying he doesn’t have his moments – every seven year old does – but they are so easy to deal with it’s barely really a problem.

Well, other than the smart mouth he seems to be getting.

All in all though?

My boys are awesome, and they’re back where they belong, with their mama. 🙂

When was the last time you were able to completely relax and unwind?

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  1. November 8, 2012 / 10:28 am

    What a gorgeous picture and story about your boys. It’s hard to relax and unwind, I don’t know when I last did that. xx

  2. Emma
    November 21, 2012 / 10:56 pm

    Lovely pic, so sweet holding hands, last time I was able to relax and unwind, not often lately with the boys, but hubby and I did sneak off for a lunch date last month!

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