Three Weeks On…

and I’m still not smoking… go me! 

The first week was HARD. Particularly the first 3-4 days.

I didn’t realise how often I went to have a cigarette until I didn’t have any to smoke!

I had to stop myself from logging on to chat places that I was used to frequenting, as I just constantly craved a smoke. 

So instead I took to gaming my little heart out, and drinking water whenever I felt the pangs of wanting a ciggy.

Yeah… a gaming addiction is *much* better than a smoking one, trust me! 

In fact, I’ve been playing Skyrim so much, Max has even started wanting to sit with me to watch me play sometimes, bless him! 

I’m talking about taking my hand over to my mac, pushing me onto the seat, and placing my hand on the mouse, followed by “wim pweeess”.

I kid you not, earlier today I watched the most amusing parody on youtube about it, and Max kept saying “gain, gain” (again) after I finished watching it, so this video has been played easily about 20 times in this household today.


Literally. About 25 minutes of this on a loop.

And I’m actually still finding it amusing… 

Easily pleased am I, and Max is following in my footsteps so it would seem!

So yeah, three weeks yesterday since I quit smoking, and took up Skyrim. 

It’s a damn good trade off, I’ve saved a buttload of money (enough that I’m viably IN THE BLACK for the first time since I became a student nearly ten years ago!), and best of all…

Max hasn’t had a single wheezy minute since Alfie left (still whimpering about that one, but he’s v happy where he is, and I must admit, it *is* a lot easier without him about.) and I quit smoking. 

That in itself is reason enough for me to keep going!


Rocky DaCat is a *very* happy boy now that he rules the roost again…


Rocky Da Cat #iphoneography #cat #mainecoon

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