What path should I take?

Every day I sit down to blog, and every day I can’t think of anything to write for a while. I check emails, I Plurk, I Tweet, I play Farmville and Cafe World on Facebook – anything to procrastinate.
It’s not that I don’t have things swirling around my head to write about. More like everything is in a jumbled up mess in my brain so I can’t stick to just one thing to talk about.

Maybe I should try the GTD way of thinking and to a mind-dump of everything that I’m thinking about and how I can get things into action instead of just leaving them as thoughts.

A good idea is worth nothing if it stays as just an idea, right?


So I have been thinking. About what I want to do once the boys are at school and I have to find work. I’m still not sure where I want to go in my life. I have thought about trying to do more with my photography, going into administration and do something like work in a school office, maybe do proof-reading/copy-editing from home, or even do a computing and design course and see if I can make it on my own.

I have so many things I’d like to try out, I don’t know where to start.

There’e a learning centre literally across the road from me that does outreach for Perth College, so maybe I could do something there, since I wouldn’t actually have to trek into Perth and back every day. At the moment the things I can do from here are limited, but in another 4 years time who knows what they’ll have added to their prospectus. Education is a growing business these days after all.

For now I’m concentrating on my photography and my blogging, so lets see how well I can do these in the next year… time to seriously put Problogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog ebook into action and see how far I can take this place. Or my other blog. Or both!

2010 is going to be a busy year for me. Zack will start school and Max will start nursery, so by the end of it I’ll have some time to get a plan into action for whatever path I choose to take. Until then, I’m going to be doing a lot of thinking about what, and who, I want to be.

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