When did you get so big? 21/366

Growing up 21/366


Max… you’re looking more and more like Zack every day.

WHERE did your gorgeous big squishy cheeks go? 

How do they just disappear?!

You look like a Proper Boy now, rather than a little one. 

There’s no more pretending that you’re still only little.

Even though you still are on the inside.

How on earth did we manage to get to you being nearly FIVE already?

OK, so it’s not nearly, it’s not till October.

Still… you’re going to be five. THIS YEAR!

You’re just going to have to stop it. 

Right now.

You’re not allowed to grow anymore.

And you can tell your feet to stop getting sweaty.

I miss having little cutsey feet to nibble on, goddamnit!


Really though, 

you’re so adorably cute these days, what with your proper little personality finally coming out.

You’re a joker, that’s for sure!

Like the funny moves you make when I’m attempting to dance to tunes from my xbox games…

or you finding it absolutely HILARIOUS that I managed to spill nearly a full cup of milk all over myself.

Honestly – was it *really* that funny?! (ok, it was… I laughed too… but your belly laugh? Made me laugh more!)

And last week, when you just! couldn’t! go! on! and dramatically crawled…. up…. the…. stairs…. and proceeded to climb…. into…. bed…. the wrong way around and flop face-first into bed.

All the while with a twinkle in your eye, and that little cheeky grin.

You knew *exactly* what you were doing!

Actually… you know what?

If you keep coming out with gems like those?

You can keep growing.

Just not so fast, damnit!! 

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