Yeah… that didn’t last long!

So yeah… NaBloPoMo and NaNoJouMo? Total fail.

Let me elaborate as to *why* it got brushed to the sidelines so early on.

On Saturday, Max started wheezing.

Out come his meds, and it was kept under control.

However by Sunday night/Monday morning he was still wheezing, had kept Zack (who is also v snuffly by this point) and I up from about 2.45am till 7.30am. 

Not. Fun.

Then came the realisation that Max’s asthma has only really come about since we got Alfie the pup.

So Alfie the pup went to a new home on Wednesday evening. 

By this point, the boys hadn’t been to school since before the weekend, and I was getting tired.

I also decided that if I had to give up Alfie for Max, then I damn well have to give up smoking for him, and me, too.

So on Wednesday night, I smoked my last cigarette.

I’ve got rid of every smoking item in the house, and have gone through far too many mini packs of Haribo that no one came to claim on Halloween. 

Also, the house is slowly but surely starting to get cleaner as I do what I can to keep busy.

Turns out I’m a fidget!

Who knew smoking was making me lazier, eh? >_<

So… not a chance in hell of me keeping what little sanity I have left, and blogging every day, AND arting every day – something had to give. I will try to keep up the pace with both more than I have been in recent months, though. 

It seems that I’m much more inclined to blog during the winter months. 

Something about wanting to stay inside and cosy probably…

Oooh… and Skyrim is out! So I may kind of disappear for a while as I fell asleep dreaming about it last night.

Swapping one addiction for another… typical eh? At least this one isn’t as detrimental for my health, right? 😉


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