A Reminder to be Grateful

A Reminder to be Grateful

Well today’s been a fun one… Monday mornings aren’t exactly my favourite at the best of times (I am in a fully committed relationship with my bed you see, and having to get up for the school run is just mean!), but this morning we woke up to a cold house.

The boiler stopped working.


I got washed and dressed asap, did the usual morning routine with Max, and got him to school.

Zack was still in bed as he’d been up half the night with a cold that came out of nowhere. Luckily it seems to have gone just as quickly so it’s back to school for him tomorrow!

Anyway, I got home and checked again, nope… no hot water or heating.

I switched off the boiler for a few minutes and then popped it back on, checking the pressure etc.

Still nothing.

Got in touch with our (awesome) landlord, who said he’d be round this afternoon.

And he was! Unfortunately he wasn’t sure what on earth is going on with it either, so he’s got his plumber coming out tomorrow to fix it. Or at least I hope he’ll be able to fix it…

So today has been a day of doubling up on socks, jumpers, dressing gowns and blankets.

We’ve been cosied up together on the sofa since I picked up Max from school watching Fred Claus (again) and the cat, kitten and dog all joined us. I guess in essence we’ve been like penguins huddling together to keep warm!

Thankfully it’s not too cold tonight – it’s not going below freezing – so we’ll survive! I think the most frustrating thing has been not being able to study in either of my usual spots today as they’re in colder areas of the house.

First world problems eh?

It makes you think though… how many people aren’t lucky enough to be able to afford their heating bill this winter? How many will be sleeping on the streets? How many have awful landlords that are impossible to get in contact with, living with damp and mould that no one will help them get rid of?

We are extremely lucky to have a dry and (normally) warm home to live in, food in the cupboards, an awesome landlord who always does his best by us, and really, even having our trio of pets is a luxury many can’t have. Not to mention having friends who have offered for us to hang out with them if it was to get too cold.

So I suppose really, even though our boiler isn’t working, Zack’s been unwell, and I haven’t caught up on uni work, today hasn’t been a bad day.

In fact, it’s been a reminder of how much we have to be grateful for.

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  1. December 5, 2017 / 1:31 pm

    Sometimes we need to remember the small wins and be grateful. It all gets a bit much at the time. Hugs xx

    • Marylin
      December 5, 2017 / 1:51 pm

      Definitely! I just hope the plumber is able to fix our boiler today… it sucks having a cold house xx

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