Bouncing in the rain

Bouncing in the rain

It was raining today, but the monthly market was on up the high street, so we dutifully got on our rain coats and out we went!

There wasn’t much there. It seems to be getting quieter and quieter there these days, which is such a shame.

The market used to be teeming with people every month!

Today it was dwindling.

Though I’m hoping that was mostly to do with the damn rain!

Anyway, this wee bouncy castle was there, and the boys did wait so well, walking around the stalls with me saying “first walk around, then bouncy castle!” to Max every minute or so.

And then they had their chance!

£2 for 10 minutes.

Though I’m pretty sure they got closer to 15 as it was quiet.

I’m always amazed at how much balance these boys have, but then again they have had the trampoline to practice on for years now.

They were doing tandem forward rolls and everything today.

I love seeing them playing so happily together.


There was a time I didn’t think it would be possible, not any of it.

Definitely not the walking around in the rain, with Max patiently holding my hand.

Not going on the bouncy castle to begin with, never mind the synchronised moves these two were showing off.

And going to the local cafe afterwards for lunch?

That would never have happened 2 years ago.

Now though… now it’s becoming more and more like the norm.

Today was good.

How was your Saturday?

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