I’m FREE! Back to School: The Relief!

I will be that mum who’s skipping away from the school with glee. Happy knowing my children are safely deposited to their classrooms and that I will have the chance to remember what it’s like to be *me* again. Just me, the camera and the dog (of course!).

There will be others like me, desperate to get back to some sort of normality, and then there will be others who don’t want their summers to end.

Let me tell you, I envy the latter. I really do. But that’s just not our life at the moment.

Max has been fractious and defiant since coming back from his dad’s 4 weeks ago, and it’s not been an easy time. Even more so because there’s no one to take over, even for 30 minutes, so I can get some sanity back. Just me, my boys, the dog and the cat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve grown to love my little family being this way – I’m far too independent to be on the lookout for the whole “someone special” thing. But it is hard, during the long drawn out summer holidays.

Max doesn’t cope well in the last week of school – all the walls becoming bare and so many events on that aren’t his usual routine – so he tends to start his summer holidays a week early. This year it was because he was unwell. But still… that’s been 8 full weeks he’s been out of school now.

It’s been… difficult. He’s become very averse to going out for walks, which means we’ve not been getting out as much as I’d like. I know it’s something I’ll work on with him, but as the weeks went by, my energy levels plummet and so I choose my battles wisely.

It’s better for him to clean his teeth daily than persuading him to go for a walk after all. They’re a bit of a battle, and I only have the energy for one of them, not both.

I’ve been using a calendar with coloured in days for no school. The countdown to going back started as soon as we hit August 1st. The first week as I reminded him, Max was extremely upset, shouting, screaming “no no NO school!”. Not because he doesn’t enjoy it… who wouldn’t prefer to stay home where they can chill and have the freedom to play games and go on the trampoline, right?

As the last 2 and a bit weeks have passed, each mention of the school countdown has been met with slightly less resistance, and more resigned acceptance. I’m counting that as a win!

So now we’re on the Day Before. I’ve reminded him a few times about going back to school tomorrow, and have included a bribe too. Hey, if it works, I’m all for it!

On a Friday after school the boys normally get to choose a new iPad game (some are free, some are paid) to download. So to make going back to school special, I told Max “tomorrow we go back to school, then after school Max gets a new game!”. This resulted in an actual WHOOP of excitement, and now he’s ready. He’s happy to go into school tomorrow as he’ll get a game (already picked out of course).

So when your kids go back to school and you wish the holidays lasted longer, spare a thought to those of us who have to contend with so much more than you could imagine.

And if you’re in a similar position to me? WELL DONE!! You made it! We all made it!

Post inspired by this awesome mum who is freaking awesome: 

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