It’s Christmas time!

Sponsored post. Also a story about Max’s reaction…
Our Christmas tree :)

For as long as I can remember, our Christmas tree has always been put up the weekend before my Dad’s birthday.

It’s one of our wee traditions. Dad’s birthday on December 17th, so the tree goes up, then we celebrate his getting OLDER (haha, sorry dad!), and after that it’s Christmas all the way!

This year, John Lewis were kind enough to send us a new tree and some gorgeous decorations to go with it, which has been very well received, especially considering our previous tree was most definitely on it’s last legs.

Christmas time can be a bit tricky though, for Max.

His autism dictates that he needs to know that a “surprise!!!” is coming, and he needs to *see* it happening, if not join in, or he’ll find it difficult to deal with the change.

Our tree arrived just over a week ago, and so it began.

Max has still been having breakthroughs, despite his sleep being a bit skewed, and he is much more inquisitive than he’s ever been before.

So when he noticed the (rather large!) box sitting in the hallway, he looked at it, desperate to know what was inside.

So much so that he actually *asked*!

“Mummy! Whatsat??”

I showed him a photo of the tree on the website and his wee face lit up.


Of course, he insisted that it be brought out immediately.

It sat au naturel until this weekend, thanks to me seeming to have endless headaches and also a lovely sore stomach. Ah the joys!

So yesterday afternoon, once we’d tidied up a bit (sometimes he helps, and sometimes he doesn’t, yesterday it was a “no, I don’t want!” sort of a day), it was time to start decorating the tree.

It’s so lovely seeing my boys doing things together.

They had been *so* patient with me and waited until I had put the lights on first.

[aside: there’s a WAY to decorate the tree, amiright?? Lights, tinsel, *then* baubles, and lastly, the angel or star at the top. Right?]

We put on some Christmas music and got to work.

Zack’s verdict: “this is the best tree EVER!”

Max’s verdict: “yeaaaaaahhhhh!”

Mine? It finally feels like Christmas time in our house!


I was compensated for this post with the tree and decorations, but I had been going to write something similar anyway! And hey – a new tree! 😉

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