Parent’s Evening – A Proud Mama Moment!

Parent’s Evening – A Proud Mama Moment!

Parent’s Evening… it’s that time of term when you go in, half worried, half hopeful, to speak to your kids’ teachers to find out how they’re *really* doing at school.

That was me a couple of weeks ago anyway… I had high hopes, but you always have that little voice in the back of your head telling you “don’t get too confident there, sweetheart”. I know it can’t just be me, right?



Zack’s Report

When it comes to Zack, I know he’ll always have a pretty good report. He’s smart, kind, and thoughtful. Then again he can also be loud, chatty and a bit of a clown at home (where he gets these attributes I’ll never know… *cough*) so I got used to hearing “he sometimes needs help focusing” when speaking to his teachers.

Turns out he’s doing amazingly well at high school so far. His first report card was mostly ones, with a couple of twos (still “good”) and some issues with homework which were actually dates he wasn’t in, so I’m super happy. His guidance teacher told me he’s well liked, has a good group of friends, works well, and that happiness seems to beam out of him! I don’t think you can get a better report than that really, can you?



Max’s Report

I’ve mentioned previously how well Max has been doing in Primary 5 this year. He’s spending most of his day in his mainstream classroom and is working so hard that by the afternoons he’s pretty tired!

I spoke to both the Principal Teacher of our SEND base, along with his P5 teacher for parent’s evening. Both were really happy and pretty impressed at how well he’s settled into school life this year. He’s quite lazy with his speech – something I’m aware of and have become the nagging mother with – but other than that, he seems to be really thriving this year. His P5 teacher referred to him as “a wee scone”… I thought that was so sweet! She’s been amazing – I knew from the first morning when she spotted me standing with Max and came over straight away to introduce herself that this was going to be a good year!

His reading is improving, as is his writing, and he loves maths and art. It’s so awesome being able to see the actual work he’s been doing in school. He doesn’t do much that’s related to school when at home – they’re two separate entities for him. So because he reads, writes, and does drawing and art at school, they’re things that are Not For Home. This art-happy mama can get a bit frustrated with that, but we’re working on it slowly, and I know he’ll get there with this too. It just means homework is a no go for now, and I suppose at least I don’t have to clean up glitter from every crevice in the house!



Can you feel the proud mum vibes yet?

So all in all, parent’s evening was a total success this year! I’m proud as punch of both my boys – Zack’s levels of maturity have always been above and beyond his age, but he’s really come into his own in high school. Even gets himself ready without me needing to do a damn thing in the mornings! Love the bones of that one! He knows his mum doesn’t do mornings well.

Max is progressing hugely in pretty much every way. He’s become so much more able to handle changes and different experiences – even the worst meltdowns these days are a dot in comparison to how things were five years ago.  He’s a happy, funny, and charming wee guy who’s superpower is making everyone fall in love with him without even trying.

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  1. November 27, 2017 / 3:17 pm

    Well done Mama for guiding your boys towards having such good reports. I must say that the teachers are fantastic too.

    • Marylin
      November 27, 2017 / 8:51 pm

      Thanks Mum! Of course a lot of it is down to your guiding hand! <3 xx

  2. November 27, 2017 / 5:47 pm

    Aww that is awesome. Well done boys and their awesome mama. xx

    • Marylin
      November 27, 2017 / 8:52 pm

      Thank you my lovely! <3 I'm so proud of them! x

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